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Nov 23, 2009 5:00am EST
forward to president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it. that there be a fleet-free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> reporter: two democrats an an independent voted to start the debate but won't support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should in no way be construed as an indication of how i might vote. let me be perfectly clear -- i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health insurance reform. >> it won't force one insurance company to give insurance to somebody who has a pre-existing condition and it won't even lower the cost of health insurance. >> reporter: the dispute among democrats will likely lead to a heated floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans made it clear they will not support the current bill. >> i think this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to t
Nov 16, 2009 5:00am EST
from the afghan president. >>> meanwhile, president barack obama says there are very few global challenges that can be served. climate change conference in copen hagueen, mr. obama says leaders will watch what the u.s. and china do. during a town hall style event earlier today in shanghai. this is the first visit to china since he took office. >> it is 4 minutes after 5:00, 5:04, we have heard this saying time and time again. >> what i need you to do is to make sure you wash your hands throughout the day often. s0q we all know to wash our hands but in the wake of the h1n1 some people still aren't washing. why it is so important and how to do it the right way. before we head to break, we will go to suzanne. >>> good morning. things are crystal clear and pleasant outside to start our monday morning off. let's lookout side the satellite and radar. temperatures are pleasant, mid to upper 50s around the region. as far as the wind it is nice and light. walk out the door and it is a very pleasant day in store for us. check that out. others around the region, by noon we are looking at
Nov 19, 2009 5:00am EST
into the community of nations. >> earlier today, president barack obama talked with allies about fresh punishment against iran for efforts to hold its nuclear weapons pursuits. also at today's meeting, the president addressed his commitment to resolving the free trade agreement between the united states and south korea. president obama is now back on his way to washington. >>> dl lawyers poured over dozens of motions yesterday as the defense and prosecution get ready to make closing arguments today. >> reporter: good morning, megan, closing arguments are set to begin at 9:00 this morning. the jury could start deliberating just before lunch. it was a short day in court yesterday. the defense rested its case an hour after court began. the last to testify was dixon's pastor, reverend frank reid. he characterized her as trustworthy and forthright. as you may recall on tuesday, the judge threw out two of the seven counts against the mayor. the judge must explain to the jury today what they should and shouldn't consider. >> you heard what the state promised they were going to produce. you saw what evap
Nov 4, 2009 5:00am EST
has swept races in two states. and they were won by barack obama last year. chris christie and mcdonnell won but they turned on local arabs. and one sign for democrats is the economy. an exit poll shows a majority in new jersey as well as virginia are concerned about it and those concerned favored the republicans. >>> politics is local. let's see what happened with the voters as they cast their votes. michael bennett has financed off the council president and state delegate for the race. and josh cohn is holding a lead. cohn a councilman replaced pierr. who won it and had to withdraw after issues became public. >>> today if you are invited to the white house, it is more than likely that you have been caught by the eyes of the most powerful people. >> two students from a school for the arts with ill share their talents with the white house. and linda so has their story pgh >> reporter: they will meet with the first laid ted at musicians at noon. it is part of a workshop to get music intole schools. they will be among 9120 middle schoolers from around the country. one is a s
Nov 10, 2009 5:00am EST
sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> later today president obama will be at fort hood as thousands gather for a memorial service to honor the 13 people who were killed last thursday. meantime, investigators say major nidal hasan, the man accused in the deadly shooting at fort hood is now off a ventilator and talking to authorities. officials say he acted alone and without direction despite repeated communications with a radical cleric overseas. the communications were monitored. so be sure to stay with abc2 news on air and on-line for live coverage as air force one touches down at fort hood. the president will be at the memorial and will have a chance to talk to the witnesses who saw the rampage. abc2 will have the speech live. >>> parents, listen up. >> an important recall you should know about, could it endanger your child's life>>> and papa bear singing for sinatra and the homeless. first, about papa justin berk. >>> 30s and low 40s, we're seeing increasing clouds and some impact from ida. we'll talk about what it could be, it could be worse for some places along th
Nov 24, 2009 5:00am EST
. that is a new world record. >>> president ford pardoned nixon, bush pardoned scooter libby, president obama will now pardon courage the turkey. this is video from the sendoff ceremony. courage who weighs 40 pounds and an alternative turkey are headed to dc today where the president plans to pardon them tomorrow. the birds will then be put on a plane to florida and will be in the disney parade on thursday. >> we have something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. >> indeed. these are 170 troops from the 351st military police company. they returned home to much deserved hero's welcome in florida. the men and women were in northern iraq for about nine months and the company says they are most thankful because every person in the 351 came home alive. >>> one of the most romantic cities in the world just got more beautiful. >> how one of the most visited tourist spots in all of france looks today. ♪ ♪ warm pillsbury cookies made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. teeth. check. bottom. needs work. sorry, son. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with pieces
Nov 9, 2009 5:00am EST
obama is urging the senate to take the bait and bring the effort to the finish line. rather, the baton to the finish line i guess we should say. >>> a health lawmaker is calling for an investigation into the risk of e. coli getting into school lunches. california representative george miller is worried about the recent outbreak that killed at least two people and sickened about two dozen others in 11 different states. that has this outbreak linked to ground beef from fair bank farms from new york, asheville more specifically but no schools were involved. >>> news around the nation -- investigators captured a man they believe opened fire on a car parked at a gas station in east st. louis killing three women. children inside the bullet-riddled vehicle escaped harm and police arrested the suspect in an apartment in neighboring st. louis. >>> ground broken on the memorial for flight 93. it will be in a field in pennsylvania where the plane went down september 11th. there will be a chapel and 40 chimes symbolizing each victim at its entryway. it's slated to open september 11, 2011. >>> com
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7